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Introducing Crystal ‘GUARD’- The 24hours vigilant Society Intercom System designed to make your life better and to make you feel safe.


Inter flat communication with “CLI” (caller line identification) on CLI Telephone tells you who is calling, even before  lifting the handset.

Advanced Hotline : Enable's you to get connected to any programmable extension. Just lift the handset and wait to get connected to say “SECURITY” without having to dial.

Auto Call Back : If the extension you are trying is busy, you do not have to keep trying it again and again. The busy extension will ring back as soon as it becomes free.

Call Forwarding :  If you are visiting some other flat, all your calls can be diverted to the visiting extension thereby ensuring that you do not miss out on important calls.

Super Conferencing : Involving unlimited number of extension, facilities teleconferencing of committee members etc.
Call Pick Up : An unattended ringing extension can be answered form your non-ringing phone.

Flexible Numbering :  Extension numbers can be given as flat numbers etc. No need to memorize the extension numbers.
Programmable Feature : Features can be selectively allowed or disallowed to any extension.
Common Numbering

PC Interface : Interface to the computer enabling you to Analyze  call details, etc.

Printer : Connect's to the serial port of the printer. Print all call, extension wise, date wise, depending on originating extension, depending on terminating extension, or last predetermined number of calls.

P & T Line Connectivity :  For routing of incoming calls.


Chairman's Broadcast : Message, like a meeting schedule or maintenance charges reminder, greeting etc. can be conveyed to selected or all extension. Wherever the selected extension lifts ns handset, the message would be played.

Vendor Announcement : Arrival of vendor like Milkman, Electricians, Plumber etc. can be conveyed to all extension simultaneously with a suitable programmable voice message. Upto nine different messages are field programmable.

Daily Alarms : Extension can be set to ring at a specified time every day. Can be used to set up wake-up calls or calls to remind you to pick up your child from school.

Reminder Alarm : Extension can be set to ring at a specified time, so that you do not miss your Train or an important appointment.

PAGING : Public address system can be connected to the paging port to make important announcement.

Relay Port : Enable's to switch ON & OFF the building Passage Light or water pump etc.

“CLI” : A true “CLI” system which display's the calling extension number on a “CLI” phone the way you get it on MTNL/ DOT lines. Know who is calling you before lifting the handset.

Do Not Disturb : There are moments when you do not want to be disturbed. (Enjoy a soundless afternoon nap).


Four Independent Security Group : (Up to four different security groups can be assigned).

Say four different towers can have four independent security. Calls from respective tower would land on the specified security extension only.

PANIC ALARM : The feature can be activated by a panic button or panic code. Any number of panic button's  can be installed in any flay- say in the kitchen, one near the entry door, one in the bedroom etc. Whenever switch is pressed, the emergency alarm/ Hooter will turn on at the security and the number flashed on the display unity, Simultaneously programmed extension wiu also get panic call.

Emergency Reporting : In case of an emergency situation, programmed panic extension can be simultaneously assessed by a single code.


SMS To MOBILE: In case of Panic pre programmed mobile will receive 'PANIC SMS' and also a miss call. Optional Crystal FCT required.

Watch Man Watch Dog : Crystal Guard effectively keeps a watch on the watch man. The security extension rings at programmed internal of time. In case the watch man does not acknowledge the call, the system records the date and time for complete 31 days of the month. This record can be viewed on the DISPLAY.

Cable Cut Alarm : A unique cable cut alarm which works on same pair of cable. In case the cables are tampered the flat No. is displayed at the security display unit along with alarm.

Additional Security : Guard supports sensors like Fire detection, Gas leakage detectors etc. Compatable sensors can be connected in series of the Panic button to activate Panic alarm along with flat number display at the security display unit.

Visitor Double check : The security Guard can keep a double check on any visitor visiting a flat owner, and confirm whether the visitor has reached the flat and is genuine person only.

Malicious Calls Tracing : The time of number last five calls to each extension are stored by Guard. These can be viewed on the security display unit.

Digital Display Units : Different sizes of Digital Display units are available to take care of different needs. Guard has introduced for the first time unique TRI COLOUR DISPLAY UNIT-PANIC is displayed in red, Calling Number in orange & TIME in green.


  • Flexible Numbering

  • Unlimited Conference

  • Panic Alarm on Single Pair Intercom Cable (no extra pair of wire required)

  • Panic SMS to Mobile Phones

  • Cable Cut Alarm ( on single pair intercom cable)

  • Chairman’s Broadcast*

  • Vendor Arrival Announcement to all Extensions simultaneously* (voice - field programmable)

  • Remote Display Unit for intercom Statue / Panic & Cable Cut indications*

  • Paging Interface

  • Power relay Port for Hooter / Porch Light

  • Four independent security groups

  • Serial Port for PC Interface

  • Tone / Pulse Switchable

  • Extension to Extension Call

  • Two Digit Access to Security / Reception / Operator

  • Extension Do Not Disturb

  • Extension to Extension Call Barring

  • Hot Line Security / Reception

  • Call Forwarding

  • Wake-up Alarm

  • Emergency Reporting

  • Discriminate Ringing

  • Barge - in

  • Auto Call Back

  • Call Pick Up

  • Boss-Secretary System

  • Automatic Double Check with the Flat Battery Back-up (Optional)


    Technology :

    16 bit High Speed Micro-controller Based SPC Space Division Multiplexing

    Dial Tone :


    Busy Tone :


    Ring Back Tone :

    1 Sec. ON & 2 Sec. OFF

    Extension Loop Resistance :

    600 ohms

    Pulse Rate :

    10pps = -10%

    Cabling :

    Single Pair

    Operating Temperature :

    0 C to 45 C

    Power Consumption :

    Max. 100 Watts

    Capacity :

    16 to 256 Subscribers

    Operating Voltage :

    220V 10%

    System Features are subject to the change, owing to constant innovations in technology, without prior notice.



    Min Ports

    Max Ports

    Expension Steps

    Dimensions (mm)

            W H D
    G-128 8 128 008/016 325 344 257

      G-80, G-128 or G-256 can be connected together using bridge cards to go upto 2048 ports



      Jumbo Kits can be installed on subscriber card of G-80, G-128 &  G-256 to multiply simultaneous talk capacity many time.


      Simultaneous Talk Capacity Qnty   Total Persons who can talk simultaneously
    Across Cabinets 30 1   30
    Within Cabinet 24 16   384
    Within Card 8 128   1024
    Total number of persons who can talk simultaneously   1438
    Total extensions       2048
    Percentage possible simultaneous talk capacity**     70.21%
    **This is the maximum  possibility. Will depend on the usage pattern.
    ** Jumbo kit has to be installed      

    Download User Manual | Download Application