Ordinary Video Door phones provide incomplete protection. Crystal VDP with Alarm Function interfaces with a range of Wired  Sensors for intrusion & panic detection. In case of an alarm Crystal VDP will activate panic ringing / external hooter /  trigger panic to connected Crystal guard security system, plus a host of other advanced functionalities.



Dial Pad Crystal VDP features a telephone Style Key Pad for programming.
Cameras &
Door units
Crystal VDP can connect a standard 'Door phone outdoor unit' with camera and lock open facility.
Door Unlock Crystal VDP can operate an optional 'Electronic Door Lock' to open the door. A built in safety feature prevents accidental opening of the door if the unlock button is pressed by mistake.
Panic Alarm This feature can be activated by a panic button. Apart from the build in panic Button on the Crystal VDP any number of additional panic button's can be installed in any flat-say in the kitchen, one near the entry door, one in the bedroom etc. Whenever switch is pressed, the Crystal VDP will start 'panic ringing' & will turn on the optional Loud emergency siren/ Hooter.
Loud Siren
An Optional External Loud Siren can be connected to the Crystal VDP to Alert the neighbours in case of Panic/ Alarm.
Wired Alarm
(One Zone)
Crystal VDP supports sensors like Smoke Detectors, Gas Leak Detectors, Motion Detectors, Glass Break Detectors, Magnetic Door/window Detectors. Crystal specially designed sensors can be connected in series to activate Panic alarm/Loud Siren Output.

Crystal Video Door Phone (Outdoor Unit) & Camera Units

Coloured Outdoor unit (V,E,H,U)

Surface mount Color Video Door Phone outdoor unit with one call button,night vision, two way audio communication & Door unlock output.

Audio Outdoor unit (No Camera) (V,E,H,U)

Surface mount Door Phone outdoor unit (Only Audio)with one call button, two way audio communication & Door unlock output.

Crystal Video Door Phone (Accessories)





Wired NO Contact (V,E,H,U)

Photoelectric smoke Detector with additional built in siren for stand alone operations.



Wired NO Contact (V,E,H,U)

Passive Infrared motion Detector.



Wired NO Contact (V,E,H,U)

Glass Break Detector.                       (Accoustic Type)


Wired NO Contact (V,E,H,U)

Gas Leak Detector for LPG / Natural Gas- works on AC 220V with build in additional siren for stand alone operations.


Wired -WD


Wired DW

Wired NO Contact (V,E,H,U)

Magnetic Door open detector.



Siren (V,E,H,U)

Loud Optional External 12V DC Siren for Crystal Video Door Phone unit.



Panic Switch    (V,E,H,U)

Wired NO/NC EMERGENCY panic switch.


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